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Hayon Groupe DAO, complete installation of access control systems

Would you like an efficient and reliable access control system installed in your building? Contact Hayon Groupe DAO, the access control and locksmith specialist based in Gembloux, Belgium.

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Protecting you and your property

Hayon Groupe DAO is on hand to install the most suitable protection system for your home or business premises: from armoured doors to safes and interior or exterior access control systems. We operate throughout Belgium to provide advice and carry out installation, repair or maintenance of your building access systems.

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Access control and protection: from installation to maintenance

With more than 30 years of experience, we specialise in access control and the protection of goods and people, both mechanically and electronically. We are always available and offer a professional service, as well as providing maintenance of all the door and façade elements. After so many years of experience, we have several in-house services related to our security business, such as carpentry, electricity, IT, a guard service, a maintenance service and more.

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Hotels, companies and communities: a perfect service

We have a dedicated department for locksmithing, security and the protection of property and people. Our esteemed clients include:

  • clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes,

  • companies, small and medium-sized businesses, traders,

  • schools, colleges, universities,

  • local authorities,

  • hotels, Airbnb guest rooms,

  • communities,

  • sports and leisure clubs, sports complexes,

  • private individuals

  • etc.

For further information, please contact us now. We will be happy to help you.

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