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Mechanical access control for every type of building with Hayon Groupe DAO

Trust Hayon Groupe DAO to install your mechanical access control system anywhere in Belgium.

Installation and repair of mechanical access control

Using your plans and flowcharts, we create a mechanical access control system that is perfectly adapted to your needs, your sector of activity, the number of people who need access to your buildings or spaces, your budget, the layout of your space, etc.

We are very particular about our partners, so we only work with reliable, reputable brands offering high-quality products and software, such as:

  • EVVA (3KS, 4KS, 3KS+, 4KS+, ICS, DPE, DPS, EPS, City, TSC, DUAL, MCS, EMZY, AKURA 44)


  • GEGE

  • Pextra

  • Pfaffenhain (Bravus, Vitesse, Zolit...)

  • Mul-T-Lock (MTL)


  • GTV

  • Etc.

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