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Produits Salto

Hayon Groupe DAO, discover our selection of armoured doors

Choose your armoured door from Hayon Groupe DAO, the partner of individuals, professionals and building managers.

Securing access: that's our speciality!

We are experienced and professional, and we listen to our customers and create a complete system for building entrances,  building access and car park access. Benefit from the expertise of professionals!

Sécurité d'une porte d'entrée
Utilité extérieur des produits Salto

Entrance, exit and parking

We provide a flexible service, and we advise you on the following products and solutions:

  • Access control for building entrance doors

  • Car park access

  • Entrance locks (interlocking)

  • Badge system

  • Car park access (inside or outside)

  • Intercoms

  • Video intercom system

  • Mechanical locking of entrances

  • Electronic locking of entrances

  • Locking (mechanical or motorised)

  • Entrance door security

  • etc.

Armoured doors and burglar resistant doors

Armoured doors, also known as burglar resistant doors, protect houses, buildings and residences from burglars. Do you want to increase security around the entrance to a house, a utility room or a cellar? The armoured door is the best choice. All our doors meet European requirements and the Belgian Bosec standard (a quality reference for fire protection). With a metal frame, wooden armoured door, multipoint lock, security fittings and anti-burglary cleats, our doors are resistant. They are aesthetically pleasing, available in a variety of finishes and fit perfectly into elegant or contemporary interiors. Do you need a non-standard size or to integrate electronic elements such as an access control system? We can adapt to your needs.

Porte blindée
Porte blindée

Please contact us for more information or for a completely personalised and comprehensive quote.

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